About LImP

LImP is a community association which sets out to care for and improve the green spaces of Luckwell Park, Bristol BS3, for the enjoyment and use of the local community. We also have an interest in general improvements to the local area. You can see a list of our current projects here.

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Carols in the Park

LImP is holding another Carols in the Park event this year. It is at 6pm on Friday 19th December, in Luckwell Park. Do come along. Join in with the two choirs and the Luckwell Festive Band. Seasonal refreshments are available.

Park Maintenance

You will probably have seen the notices in the park about the Grounds Maintenance Consultation being undertaken by Bristol City Council. You are invited to have your say by completing the survey:


The results of this survey could have a profound effect on the way in which the park is maintained. The process is both a challenge and an opportunity. A challenge, because there is no doubt that the Council will be looking for efficiency savings if any of the maintenance effort can be reduced. An opportunity, because many of us have experienced how rewarding it can be to get involved in the park ‘hands on’.

In the first part of the survey, we are asked to rate the importance of the various maintenance activities in the park, under the following headings:

Grass Cutting
Weed Spraying
Litter Collection (bin emptying)
Litter Picking
Hard Surface Sweeping
Site Presence (Park Keeper)
Ornamental Planting & Maintenance
Shrub Maintenance
Park furniture maintenance (Bins, seats etc)

The second part of the survey asks us if we as individuals, or collectively as LImP, might help out directly with:

Shrub bed maintenance
Litter picking
Ornamental flower bed planting
Other options
Any other suggestions

You are probably aware that LImP has already been operating a litter-picking rota since earlier in the year and this appears to be working rather well.

We would be grateful if you could 1) respond directly to the survey but also 2) feed your views back to us at LImP, as we will be making a response on behalf of the group as a whole. You can do this by email, by posting a comment here, or join a discussion on our Facebook group

NB: All responses are needed by the end of October. To contribute to our group’s response, please come back to us in the next few days.

Luckwell Community Gardening

Next year’s “Bristol Green Capital 2015” gives us a tremendous opportunity to green up the Luckwell local area. Among other projects, LImP is promoting plans for new community garden patches, which are highly favoured by the Green Capital 2015’s aims. There’s every likelihood that we will be granted at least some funding for these ideas; what we need now is a good show of support. Would you pick up a trowel to get one or more of these going? Please let us know! Read on...

At the top of Luckwell Road, behind a tall brick wall is an area of waste ground belonging to Monarch House. Could you and your neighbours help plant this? The plan will include putting railings round the drop into the car park, for safety. In the medium term, we seek to have the wall taken down, making the garden visible from Luckwell Road itself.

A section of the bank at the top of Luckwell Park is due to have the laurel stumps removed. (This still leaves a large area of laurels and other shrubs in which children enjoy playing.) This section could be dedicated to a community garden, in particular towards something edible. Fruit bushes have been suggested and there are at least two enthusiastic proponents of a vineyard; the soil and position favour pinot noir. Would any of these ideas inspire you to get digging in your local park? Alternative suggestions are for wildflowers or a rockery (which are also relevant to Green Capital 2015 aims), or dedicating it to play such as log walkways (to be done at a later date).

The paving in front of Winterstoke 95 Garage could accommodate some large planters, similar to those which are now brightening up North Street and East Street. This will cheer up that section of Luckwell Road. Would you and your neighbours come along and plant them?

Please let us know what you think. The trustees are meeting on Tuesday 9th September to decide which ideas to run with.

Open Meeting

The next LImP meeting is at 8pm on Tuesday 8th July, to be held at 49 Luckwell Road. This is an open meeting and all are welcome, but please will you let us know in advance if you are planning to attend?

Litter picking rota

LImP is organising a litter picking rota for Luckwell Park over the summer. If you could offer some help with this, please could you follow this link to indicate when you are available:


The plan is that one or two individuals will take responsibility for a particular week, running Monday to Sunday. Ideally you would pick litter once midweek and then again at the weekend (but there is nothing to stop you doing it more often if you would like to!) LImP will provide the equipment and the suggestion is that you then pass it on to the next person on the list at the end of your week.

Any help you can give will be widely appreciated, in making the park a more pleasant place to be. If there’s a particular individual (or individuals) you would like to share the duty with, then please just email me and I’ll try to accommodate when making the rota.

Background information: The park does seem to attract litter especially over the summer and the rota should be an effective way of tackling it. While the play area is picked regularly by the Council’s contractors (Quadron), the hard court and grass court are not. Luckwell Primary School is generous enough to make these areas available for community use outside school hours and it therefore seems not unreasonable that the community could organise to keep them tidy.

LImP Midsummer Picnic 2014

Midsummer Picnic
Sunday 22nd June is picnic day in Luckwell Park. Please come and join in by bringing a picnic from 12 noon.

Litter pick
Could you help with a litter pick in and around the park on the morning of the picnic? If so, please come along at 10am. Equipment is provided, but you may like to bring gloves. Thank you!


Three solid oak benches have been installed today. All thanks go to Phil Hinchliffe for sourcing and preparing the materials and to BCC Parks Department for installing them. The metal-ended feature bench will follow shortly, on a base which is being prepared near the rain garden.

Annual General Meeting - Tuesday 13th May 2014

The 2nd Annual General Meeting is being held in the Green Room of the Tobacco Factory, BS3. We will congregate from 7.30pm and the meeting will start at 8pm prompt.

THE AGM IS FOR ALL our supporters, not just for the trustees who attend meetings throughout the year. We need you! To show up at this once-a-year event to validate what the trustees are doing. The formal business will be kept to a minimum to make room for a discussion of the next plans for Luckwell Park and its surroundings, including:

- Four new park benches
- Road safety near the old Luckwell Club
- Luckwell Community Plan
- Midsummer picnic

We are required to elect between 3 and 10 trustees for the coming year. If you can spare some time to improve the local area, please consider standing as a trustee. Nominations are now open and will close at 11.59pm on Saturday 11th May.

Will you please let us know if you can attend?

Update 6th March 2014

The road junction at the top of Smyth Road, where it meets Luckwell Road and Chessel Street has come on to the agenda. Many local residents are concerned about the difficulty for pedestrians of crossing this junction. LImP would like to bring together ideas into a plan which can then be presented to the City Council at a time appropriate to the funding round. Please let us know what you think by coming along to next week’s open meeting (details below) or, if you cannot make the meeting, by sending your ideas in advance.

A good deal of litter has accumulated around the park. Could you spare a short while on Saturday morning to help us clear it? Litter pickers and bags will be provided, but you may wish to bring gloves. We will meet at 10am on Saturday 8th March.

We were awarded some funds from the Better Bedminster Community Chest for one substantial park bench plus a number of simpler benches. After consultation, the trustees have selected the Stanford Seat (photo attached) for the main bench. This bench is elegant, comfortable and hard-wearing and we are hoping to install it as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are facing delays in achieving the approval of the City Council.

The other benches will be of a more rustic style, constructed from oak sleepers. Their main purpose is rapidly to increase the amount of seating in the play area.

We are holding an open meeting on Tuesday 11th March at 8pm in the Luckwell Pub. All are welcome.

We would be very grateful if you could put the date of the Annual General Meeting into your diary. It has been scheduled for 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th May in the Green Room of the Tobacco Factory BS3. We value your support at the AGM to renew the legitimacy of what we are trying to achieve at LImP.

Update 6th February 2014

We were awarded some funds from the Better Bedminster Community Chest for one substantial park bench plus a number of simpler benches. We are now arranging for them to be commissioned and installed.

The trustees are reviewing a number of designs for the main bench, which will be a classic ‘park bench’ in either painted metal, or metal and wood. The other benches will be of a more rustic style, constructed from oak sleepers. Their main purpose is rapidly to increase the amount of seating in the play area in time for the warmer weather when it comes.

SCOUT HUT adjacent to Luckwell Club
A judge has ruled that the developers who recently demolished the Scout Hut in Balfour Road must nevertheless preserve the site for community use. It is not clear at this stage how they will comply with the ruling, but LImP would be interested to hear any suggestions you may have. It would not do any harm to keep an eye on the site, as any unauthorised change of use needs be reported to the City Council’s Planning Enforcement.